Quick sketch using watercolor and graphite.

Race to the Surface.

I was watching a video recently of underwater life and the divers who explore it. I had to create this painting after first making a quick sketch while watching the video. I used Golden Acrylics and Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours. 10" x 30"
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 Another 5"x 5" painting done on Ampersand Claybord. A really nice surface to paint on. I buy my Claybord at DickBlick.com They have great prices, usually up to 46% off list price, This painting was done with Jo Sonja Artists' Acrylics. The colors are vibrant. Another great buy at DickBlick.

Last Light..

Small acrylic painting 5 x 5" on Ampersand Claybord.

The Look..

Graphite and charcoal on paper.

Are You Serious?...

Small quick drawing done with colored pencil, and china marker on textured acrylic paper. I used Strathmore 400 series acrylic paper. The canvas sheets are usually best used with water media but I love the effect I get with pencils.
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This is the final painting....or not. I am sometimes  unhappy with a finished painting. It's perfection  that I strive for knowing full well it is unattainable. This one I will leave alone for now as a work in progress.

This is the painting I created at first. I was somewhat satisfied with it  and then decided it needed to be reworked. You can see the revisions I made in the painting above this one. I do have a bit of regret in painting over my clouds.

Approaching Storm


I am forever fascinated with stormy skies. Everything seems to resonate with unequivocal splendor at the very beginning of a storm, before darkness overtakes all.
Acrylic on canvas board. 20 x 16

Heading Home

Although there is conflict in some African countries, there is still a great deal of beauty there. My African inspired visions of color are based on my interpretations of that beauty. Acrylic paint on paper. 5 x 9"..


Though life can be harsh at times, we are blessed with an array of beautiful moments to ponder over.
Small acrylic painting on clay board. 5 x 7


I just love painting faces. No matter how deep you look into the eyes of this child, all you see is pure innocence. The eyes say it all. 
Acrylic paint and pastel on paper.

Against the Wall

As you can see from this painting and others I'm not one to paint smiling faces a lot. I tend to paint more serious expressions, even on children. I believe I get more depth in the face with a serious expression. It all comes down to the eyes. Once I get that feeling and emotion in the eyes, that's when I know that the painting is finished. Every face that I paint or draw begins and ends with the eyes.
This is a mixed media piece. Liquitex Acrylic paint and Conte Pastel pencils on canvas. 18 x 18".

The View Within'

This painting was a challenge. It was my first attempt at painting someone viewing art....three fold. I use acrylic paint throughout the whole process. I had a great deal of fun doing it.
Acrylic on canvas. 16 x 20

Stormy Skies

Night Beauty... Quiet and peaceful on the beach yet the sky is filled with drama.
Acrylic on canvas. 20 x 20

Saturday Morning

This painting was inspired by my time spent in New Mexico. I would get up early on Saturday morning during Balloon Fiesta to watch the hot air balloons go by my window. I had a great view from my terrace. I was also inspired by the skies of New Mexico. That state has some of the most beautiful skies I have ever seen. I never tired of watching the sunrises and sunsets. The Sandia mountains in Albuquerque were a site to behold right before the sun set. This acrylic painting is 16 x 20.

Night Shadows

This is another beach scene done at night. I tried to depict a shadow thrown onto the beach by an artificial light source. The sand area in the painting is very textured. It is hard to see in this photo. I love the night time. Maybe thats because I'm a loner of sorts. I wanted to show that side of me in this painting. This is an acrylic painting on a 24 x 30 gallery wrap canvas.


The process in painting this small acrylic was fast. I came up with the title first and the painting came about easily. Red is an important color to many tribes in Africa. The Samburu and Maasai tribes use a great deal of red in their clothing and bead work. The Himba tribe use red clay from the earth to cover their bodies and hair. I Iove beach scenes.and wanted to use one as the background for this painting. This is a small painting and was done in a few hours. Acrylics were the perfect medium for this painting.
Acrylic on paper. 9 x 6

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